Information Assurance
"Implementation of Secure Communication across Network and Simple Key Exchange Mechanism", a report that goes through several encryption standards and explains how Secomolan works. Secomolan is a program that sets up a secure, trustable connection between the client and the server on a local area network. [Full Text] [Code]

"Man-in-the-Middle-Attack on Bluetooth Devices" explores how to mount a MITM attack to intercept and relay communication between a host and a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Co-authored with Sridhar Venkatesan. [Full Text]
Security Policy
"Comparison of RMF (NIST SP 800-37) against ICD 503 (DCID 6/3)". This is a report that compares the two federal policies and suggests a new scheme for the federal government. I was the author of recommendation section. [Full Text]
Digital Watermarking and Fingerprinting
"Implementing Tardos Optimal Probabilistic Fingerprint Codes", a paper that takes a close look at Tardos' fingerprinting scheme. [Abstract] [Full Text] [Code]

"Semi-Fragile Watermarking Algorightms Investigation", a paper that examines two semi-fragile, DCT domain watermarking algorithms. [Abstract] [Full Text] [Code (Unavailable At This Time)]
Steganography and Steganalysis
Secure Information Hiding Portfolio evaluates three steganalysis techniques with data from experiments. [Full Text][Code (Unavailable At This Time)]